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About the Art

Bella Caronia is a lifestyle brand created for those who love nature and color! The mission is to share art that transforms a space and renews the spirits of those surrounded by it. 


Designer and creator Amanda Caronia has a strong artistic eye and specializes in hand paintings and drawings. Her designs are a mixture of vintage inspirations and a unique modern sketch style. Growing up in the country outside of Chicago she has always created art inspired by the natural world. Amanda graduated from Colorado College with a BA in Studio Art and moved to Los Angeles to further her design career in costumes and illustration. While working in costume design for the film industry she explored her interests in designing fabric and products. In 2012 she earned a certificate in textile design from Otis College of Art and Design. Working on her artwork since 2008 Amanda was proud to launch Bella Caronia in 2013 and share her favorite designs with others. Now beautiful Bella Caronia products are available in the Home, Craft, Gift and Apparel Markets.


Amanda's inspiration for the art comes from a love of all things outdoors.

She believes that living a healthy and balanced life with a good dose of natural beauty around you is key to fulfillment. Having a long-term interest in sustainability she is committed to helping her business grow in socially and environmentally responsible ways. Her favorite activities are in the mountains or at the beach in Costa Rica where she lives with her husband. She wants her designs to inspire and make people happy. 

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