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Amanda Caronia founder Bella Caronia


Amanda Caronia grew up on a small farm in Illinois and now lives on a small farm on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica with her husband.​ When she is not drawing in the hammock or designing she loves long walks in the jungle with her three dogs, lots of sunset surfing and beach shenanigans.

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                              Ever since I was young, I’ve always loved creative arts, especially drawing and painting. But as I grew older and progressed in school, I was constantly advised to focus on other endeavors since art would never get me a lucrative career.


 I went down the journey of enrolling in French (in which I failed) to Environmental Sciences since I didn’t want to become that ‘starving artist’ and still wanted to make a difference in this world. Each time I veered from my true passion, I felt it deep inside that I wasn’t on the right path. I felt frustrated and defeated but I knew that I could no longer listen to the naysayers because my heart was not in the right place.


 I felt compelled to continue drawing so in 2000 I switched my major to Fine Art, and began my path on the creative track. I first went to work as a costume illustrator  assisting costume designers on movie productions. I was finally enjoying my work but I still felt that strong desire to forge my own path and get back to my own drawings. In 2009, I went back for a degree in Textile Design to further my skills.


 In 2014, Bella Caronia was created and my true vision finally began to emerge. In 2015 I broke through with my first big contract with Travel Pro and sure enough the Bella Caronia Kelp Forest Luggage Collection was selling faster than Macy’s could keep it on the shelves. After being told time and time again that I couldn’t follow my passions and my dreams, here I was bringing my art through to global brands and on beautiful canvasses and products. 


 To this day, when I sit down in front of a blank page, I let my heart free through my hand and it’s pure magic. This process of creating, is and always will be, what I love to do and what I enjoy sharing with my community. 


 This is Bella Caronia, from my heart to your home!



Amanda Caronia Founder and Creator Bella Caronia

Amanda Caronia

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To follow that creative passion we all have inside,
raise the level of design available to our vast community and manifest beautiful products
and delightful experiences to enjoy and inspire.


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