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I am a licensed artist, which means I develop products with my fantastic clients and they take care of the rest.
This isn’t a traditional online shop, but I hope this points you in the right direction of of where to buy my products online.

Shop Bella Caronia Luggage
Bella Caronia Surf Print Dress link to Mata Traders Shop
Bella Caronia Murals Your Way
Bella Caronia The Art Needlepoint Co.
Bella Caronia Kitchen Textiles and Placemats link to HomeGoods Shop
Bella Caronia Dish Drying Mats by Drymate link to Pet and Drying Mat Shop Page


Bella Caronia is about individual creativity and expression. We know everyone has a unique gift to share. We understand our community seeks something different, some true inspiration in life.

We are committed to bringing this quality experience to inspire something new and uncommon. 

Bella Caronia Logo Flower
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